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Septage Acceptance Unit/Large Unit/ Combo Unit

Septage Acceptance Unit/Large Unit/Combo Unit

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Combo Unit (Large Unit) is a grit / sand classifier with longitudinal hopper that makes a selection of the grit for the principle of gravity and thanks to the whirling motion created by blower, moving the particles, separates the grit from the organic material that due to major specific weight respect to the water decants on the bottom of the hopper, where there is a bottom screw that carries the grit in a collection tank; also bring in suspension oil and grease.

An inclined, called extractor, pick up the grit and bring it out of the machine. The grease removal system is made from a series of plate moved by chain that scrapes the water and brings the grease in a collection hopper. The water rich of organic material exits to the machine for overflow from an appropriate discharge.This Large unit is multi purpose like, high flow stp, septage unit etc. Main purposeof this unit is for septage unit