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We are one of the leading companies indulged in providing a wide range of industrial wastewater installation and required equipment. Our company is known for providing high quality as well as affordable solutions. We, at WTT, completely understand the significance of scarcity. We have a team of professionals who make use of latest technologies in order to produce required types of permit that removes all the impurities and make water completely pure.

We are involved in providing the best permit and believe that purity is the greatest source and the safest route in order to a healthy life. Our main mission is to guarantee to save ours generation and past from water scarcity.

Installations of New plant:-

We provide a best solution, install a best suitable plant and sludge handling equipment, as per tested influent parameters. We provide our best in quality and latest technologies.

Replacement with newer technologies:-

When wastewater treatment plants are get older than 10 years its efficiencies as well as equipment get damaged (pumps, motors, blowers, sludge handeling equipment, valves ect.) and hungry for replacement with newer technologies.

After replacing older technologies with newer technologies plant gets 5 to 10 times more efficient than older plant.




What's clients say about us

People love our products and 80% our customers are returned customers. We believe that only way to make a long-term business is helping people.

Product Quality

They are very committed & careful towards products qualities.
Niya Nand
August 27, 2020


They do what they committed.
Mobin khan
August 26, 2020

Best Design

Waterio is known for their dedicated & passionated team.
Anil Shangwan
August 11, 2020

Varun Goel

They are very cooperative and helpful nature.
Sunil Vishwakarma
August 11, 2020