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Dual Media Filter (DMF)

Dual Media Filter (DMF)

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Treated water or effluent from the treated water tank is feed to DMF.

Dual Media Filter (DMF) is ideal for filtration of water having very fine suspended matter like mud, dust particles and biological growth.

DMF is a vessel constructed of welded mild steel and provided with manhole with cover/top and bottom flanged covers, supports, raw water distributor, underdrain collection and backwash water jet system.

Treated water flows downwards through the filter bed, and the turbidity and suspended matter are retained on the sand surface.

Filtered water is collected by an underdrain system in the bottom of the vessel and flows through the outlet to service.

Resistance is experienced when a water of normal flow rate passes through the passage.

Cleaning of filter bed is effected by passing a reverse upward flow of water through the filter for approximately 3 to 5 minutes.